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2016 May 18, 11:27 AM

Vision Board

Sometimes, visualizing your goals can feel kind of abstract and nebulous. When you activate the visual centers of the brain, you’re also activating the manifestation capabilities of your subconscious mind. A large portion of your neocortex is actually dedicated to seeing and to making images, so today we’re going to harness that capability to turn visions into reality. A vision board, a place to put these images so they’re always in your face and aspiring you to reach for them, will do that.

But where do you start?


2016 May 02, 11:42 AM

8 Psychological Walls That Keep People STUCK!

Psychological walls are barriers that keep you from reaching your next level of success. Identifying your walls is the first step to overcoming them. This blog post will help you identify where you are stuck so you can find the footholds that will help you climb over your wall to the greener pastures of success..


2016 April 13, 8:55 PM

What do successful people do differently?

People who are highly productive take a moment to safeguard their own agendas before allowing other people dictate their workday. Take control of how you start your day every single day.


2016 March 30, 6:15 PM

Does Every Word Have A Definition?

Every word has more than one kind of meaning. When I asked my seven-year-old son if he could hear the difference between the different “I love you: sentences, he was able to describe, very accurately, how they differed in meaning. At age 7, he gets it. Yet sometimes as adults, we forget the power, not only of what we say, but how we say it. We expect the listener to hear what we meant them to hear. We expect the recipient of our text messages to fill in the gaps of meaning that a generic font always leaves open to interpretation.


2016 February 26, 9:29 PM

Money Is A Mirror

It Turns Out This Is Not True… I used to think that you had to be some sort of perfect “demi-god” to earn a lot of money, someone who had everything in life figured out. This belief stayed with me for quite some time, until I started meeting a lot rich people, and I realized, […]


2016 February 23, 11:10 PM

The Power of Decisions

Learn how your beliefs can be changed in an instant. In this short blog, William Wood talks about the relationship between decisions and beliefs. This video length is just under three minutes. If there was something that caused us to limit ourselves in some way, we can step out of that old belief and step into new possibilities. But if you decided at some point that you don’t deserve, you decided at some point that you are not good enough, you decided at some point that you are too down, too short, too old, I challenge you to shake off that old belief and to choose today to succeed.